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Animal Cruelty at Abbotsford Chicken Farm

CTV News recently obtained undercover footage that shows another instance of inhumane and cruel treatment of chickens at an Abbotsford Farm. The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) has a Code of Practice that the industry is expected to follow for the humane treatment of all poultry. Sadly, these Codes of Practice lack legislative authority, and are therefore, often not enforced. At Breder Law, we believe that these Codes of Practice should be implemented into law in order to strengthen the enforceability (and thus consequences) of these provisions. Breder Law also believes that the current provincial and federal animal cruelty laws can, and should, be used to bring justice to the ani

Meet B.C.’s First Animal-Rights Lawyer

Rebeka Breder is one of the first lawyers in Canada to make animal law her specialty—and as founder of the Canadian Bar Association’s B.C. animal law section and a teacher of UBC’s first-ever course in animal law, Breder is uniquely prepared to fight for our furry friends. Q: What exactly is covered by animal law? A: It’s a multidisciplinary approach to the law that includes pet custody cases, veterinary malpractice suits, strata disputes, breeder disputes, so-called dangerous dog cases, wrongful death or injury and disagreements between rescue operations and current or previous dog owners. I only take on those cases where I feel I will advance the interests and rights of animals. Q: Is this

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