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A Dog's Purpose - To Be Loved, Not Mistreated

On January 18, 2017 a short video was leaked to TMZ that showed a dog, Hercules, being forced into turbulent waters during the filming of #adogspurpose. People across the United States and Canada are outraged to the point of boycotting this movie. In Canada, there aren’t any specific animal laws that govern the use of animals on movie sets. There are guidelines, such as those by the American Humane Association (ie: “no animals were harmed”); these guidelines are not mandatory, nor are they enforceable. The only recourse an animal has if he is mistreated on a set is through animal cruelty laws. Breder Law believes that strict laws need to be in place to protect animals on movie sets, until such time technology replaces live animals entirely.

CBC Radio Interview - Listen here. Interview starts at 2:17:38

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