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What We Do

For over a decade, we have been Canada's trail blazing animal law lawyers. We focus exclusively on Animal Law.  Our unique experience allows us to provide our clients with effective, vigorous and compassionate legal representation, in animal law.

Animal Law

Animal Law

Defending and advancing the interests of non-human animals in court

"Dangerous" Dogs

Having your dog designated as “dangerous”, “vicious” or “aggressive”, or even seized, is one of the most stressful moments in your life. We have a proven track record to not only save dogs, but to also establish important legal precedent in the judicial interpretation of the law. We work tirelessly for your beloved companion.

Pet Custody

We help you get your beloved companion back, or fight to retain custody – both in civil and family law (ie: divorce) proceedings. We can achieve this by litigation, or preferably, by mediation and negotiation.


Wildlife technically belongs to the government, but that is not how the general public feels. We help you protect and/or advance the interests of wildlife by challenging administrative or government decisions, either through advocacy, legal action or negotiated settlements.

Municipal Challenges

We deal with bylaws with respect to the treatment of urban and wild animals, including coyotes, bears and raccoons. The use of animals in entertainment and guide animals are also within the realm of municipal law. We act exclusively for people who want to help animals.

Judicial Reviews

We pursue judicial reviews of decisions made by regulatory and governmental bodies (i.e., decisions in regard to seizing animals, including dogs, general wildlife “control” and “management” matters, and challenging municipal and provincial laws). Please note that we never act against the BC SPCA.

Veterinary Malpractice

We help resolve disputes between patients and their veterinarians. We mainly act for plaintiffs who take action against veterinarians. We also act for and assist veterinarians who meet our ethical standards, and who are seeking legal advice for their general practice.

Wrongful Death and/or Injury

Your companion animal may have been injured while at the groomers, dog boarding facility, veterinarian or by a stranger. We help you navigate this complex area of the law.

Breeder Disputes

We act for individuals who have problems with their companion animal after their purchase from a breeder. We do not act for breeders, unless they meet our ethical standards.

Strata/Residential Disputes

Strata corporations and landlords often cause unanticipated problems for residents with companion animals. While we normally act for tenants/residents, we also advise strata corporations and landlords on various legal pet issues.

Criminal Law

We act as advisors in animal cruelty cases, and assist in animal cruelty issues. We do not act against the BC SPCA. Please contact another lawyer if you are seeking a defence against cruelty allegations and/or the BC SPCA.

Environmental Law

Animal Law and Environmental Law often intersect. Environmental laws protect wildlife through various laws including, the Species at Risk Act, Wildlife Act, Water Act, Fish Protection Act, Environmental Assessment Act, and other laws. We act exclusively for individuals and organizations who want to help wildlife and other animals.

Product Liabilty

We will do what is necessary to bring justice to your companion and farm animal after being harmed by medication, toys, pesticides, cleaners or food.

Dog Bite

Is your dog accused of biting someone or another animal? We act exclusively for people like you (ie: defence), and we will vigorously defend you and your dog in any civil action.

Family Law

Family pets are appearing in marriage agreements and divorce settlements. We help you get visitation rights and other benefits important to you and your companion animal.


Mediation is a very helpful and less expensive tool for resolving any legal dispute. When companion animals and/or wildlife are involved, matters escalate to an emotional level quickly. We act as objective mediators to reach a satisfactory resolution for both sides.


If you want to include provisions in your will to provide for the care of your companion and/or farm animals, please give us a call.

Across Canada

While our main office is in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have experience and the dedication to help people help animals throughout Canada.

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