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Port Moody, BC - First City to Ban Shark Fin Products in BC

March 2012 - Rebeka Breder, Port Moody, spoke in favour of the proposal to ban shark fin products in the City of Port Moody. As a lawyer, her research indicates that under the general provisions of the Community Charter , Port Moody Council can adopt bylaws related to animals and the regulation of businesses. She also noted a number of cities have put such bans in place. She submitted a memorandum she has prepared on the jurisdiction of British Columbia municipalities to ban shark fin products.

Ms. Breder's memorandum of Law on the legal aspects of the ban presented to the City of Port Moody lead to the ban of Shark fin and shark products. The first city in the province of British Columbia to do so. Numerous cities across the province also relied on Ms. Breder's memorandum as guidance.

Memorandum of law - Rebeka Breder - Shark Fin - Port Moody - May 2012
Download PDF • 2.66MB

EPD 176-2012 Proposed Banning of Shark Fin Products
Download PDF • 7.29MB

March 2012

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