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Dog 'rescued' from Greek island by North Vancouver woman at centre of custody battle Social

Tug-of-war over dog brought to Canada from Greece threatens to become an international incident Max has sparked an international tug of war over his furry cuteness. (David Horemans / CBC) A curly haired dog spirited away from Greece — and now living in B.C. — is caught in a custody battle that's threatening to become an international incident. Earlier this year, the dog was taken from a Greek island by a North Vancouver woman, who had gone there to help Syrian refugees. She claims the dog was neglected, ill and abandoned. But the Greek-Australian family who raised the dog deny that — and are demanding its return. They've gone to the police, while the North Vancouver woman has gone to a B.C.

Animal Protection Bill C-246

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and Vancouver Animal Law Lawyer Rebeka Breder on Bill C-246. “It has been since at least 1892, well over a hundred years, since we have seen substantive changes to criminal code offences in regards to animal welfare.” “There's a dire need to improve the welfare and protection of the animals in this country. I don't think there is any debate about that.” “What I really want to focus on and emphasis is that you asked "how do we compare to other countries?" What Nathaniel is trying to do here, when you compare us to other countries - Let's say: - New Zealand recently recognized animals as sentient - Switzerland, in its constitution in 1992 recognized animals

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