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A Dog's Purpose - To Be Loved, Not Mistreated

On January 18, 2017 a short video was leaked to TMZ that showed a dog, Hercules, being forced into turbulent waters during the filming of #adogspurpose. People across the United States and Canada are outraged to the point of boycotting this movie. In Canada, there aren’t any specific animal laws that govern the use of animals on movie sets. There are guidelines, such as those by the American Humane Association (ie: “no animals were harmed”); these guidelines are not mandatory, nor are they enforceable. The only recourse an animal has if he is mistreated on a set is through animal cruelty laws. Breder Law believes that strict laws need to be in place to protect animals on movie sets, until su

Breder Law - New Animal Law and Litigation Firm

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals. Actually, "love" may be the wrong word. Some people have fought for the rights of women, African Americans and human rights generally. These advocates did not usually say they fought for these rights because they "love" women or African Americans. They fought for these rights because to deny these groups rights was simply wrong. Similarly, I have always argued for the rights of animals, and continue to do so as a practising lawyer. Not because I "love" animals, but because it is simply wrong to continue treating and using animals in a way that denies their inherent right to be free from harm caused by humans. OK, I admit - I also l

RIP Tilikum

On January 6, 2017, Tilikum, the captive orca whale who killed his long time trainer at Seaworld in 2010, died. This is a tragic story of a whale who was brutally removed from his family when he was only about two years old. He was then kept in captivity to perform tricks and in shows for the sake of entertainment. There is nothing “educational”, nor any benefit to conservation, by keeping cetaceans in captivity. Instead, we should be teaching our children that all animals deserve to live freely, with their own families. At Breder Law, we believe that children (and adults) can learn more about cetaceans by watching some of the amazing documentaries about whales, reading the abundance of lite

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