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BC NDP Taking Strong Stance Against Trophy Hunting.

A grizzly in the Great Bear Rainforest near Hartley Bay. On average, 300 grizzly bears are killed by hunters in B.C. every year. (Tim McGrath) Breder Law applauds the BC NDP for taking a strong stance in favour of banning trophy hunting. On November 24, 2016, John Horgan, leader of the NDP stated: "more than 90 per cent of B.C. residents — including Coastal First Nations — oppose this kind of cruelty. These majestic animals deserve our full protection, especially since they are already struggling to survive habitat disruption and loss." We expect that the debate around the banning of trophy hunting will be an election issue, as it should be. The residents of BC, and people from around the w

Qila's Wasted Life

The Vancouver Aquarium experienced another terrible loss of one of its belugas. Qila, the week of November 14, 2016, passed due to an ailment that has yet to be confirmed by the Vancouver Aquarium. Qila's mother, Aurora, who shared a tank with Qila, is now also experiencing similar symptoms and may also die in the near future. The staff at the Vancouver Aquarium say they are "shocked" and that her death is like losing a family member. If the Vancouver Aquarium genuinely cares about its cetaceans, it should finally do the right thing and commit to no longer keep them in captivity. Whales and Belugas should not be held in small (or in any) concrete tanks for their entire lives. Watching them s

Rebeka Breder - The rights of your dog

Rebeka Breder - We need to respect all dogs, and their individual personalities. Not all dogs, who are leashed, like to be approached by off-leash dogs. This is why it's important to keep dogs on leash in on-leash areas. We also need more off-leash areas within cities to ensure dogs get the exercise they want and need. Listen here


This is my first child, Tero. He is Breder Law's unofficial mascot. He thinks he runs the place though...

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