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"Rebeka Breder has devoted her life to defending creatures that cannot defend themselves. The rest of the world is finally catching up" - Vancouver Magazine 2012.

When the cellphone rang one night at 9:30, it was with bad news. The caller, Nicolle Huminuik, was a member of the Invermere Deer Protection Organization, a citizens group hastily formed to stop the cull of deer in the mountain city near Kootenay National Park. Huminuik said her neighbour had just given the city permission to use the yard for a Clover trap, a mesh cage with bait and a trip wire. Huminuik was distraught and wanted to remove the trap before deer were harmed. “I could completely relate,” says her lawyer, Rebeka Breder. “But as legal counsel I told her she had no right to do it.”

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